Sunday, September 12, 2010

This should be a good movie, I'm going to see it when it comes out for sure.

Wall Street

I just recently bought the 87' movie Wall Street, A movie about Bud Fox, an aspiring Wall Street broker trying to make it big no matter what the cost. Bud gets together with big time trader Gordon Gekko, who teaches Bud to get his hands dirty, in order to make big money fast, but "lose your soul" in the process, and close to the end Bud apparently sees the light and gives it up. but I guess what I'm trying to say (without rambling on) is am I the only one that wouldn't have a problem getting there hands dirty, and wouldn't feel bad about destroying companies for my own gain?

This is just a random blog to get my page started. But also a serious question, if you've seen the movie, please comment with your thoughts, if not, its a movie I would highly recommend, and you should check it out.